Total Security
Process Re-engineering

Total Security Process Re-engineering methodology provides a holistic solution to every security system.

Space for Defense

ForceApp BV uses space data for providing holistic defense solutions.


Powerful Open Source Platform for Corporate Android Device Management

Counter Drone Systems

ForceApp BV Counter Drone Systems aim at detecting, neutralizing, and destructing drones, by using state-of the-art anti-drone technologies.

Armed Forces Special Solutions and Services

ForceApp BV gives emphasis in providing special solutions and services designed for the armed forces of every state.

Maritime Digital Twins & 3D Simulator

ForceApp BV offers 3D Simulation Environment Services for maritime and/or terrestrial applications.

Blockchain for Defense

Blockchain is a leading-edge technological tool which can be used for defense purposes by securing any kind of communication.

Homeland Security Solutions

ForceApp BV Homeland Security Solutions offers unique Satellite applications, customized Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and latest Ground Technologies.