The Nr. 1 Military Secure WhatsApp


  • Tactical radios from many European nations are not interoperable
  • Causes serious problems conducting coalition operations
  • Almost all military scenarios in Europe (NATO) today involve operating in coalitions
  • Mission readiness is severly hampered when our troops cannot communicate



The soldier pictured to the left is using his mobile phone. Is he simply checking the latest sports scores or is he using it to share sensitive military information with colleagues from other nations using WhatsApp because he cannot speak with them on his radio ?

As hard as it is to believe, in 2017 many of our troops are using WhatsApp to communicate with each other because their radios are not interoperable. Fixing the problem with the radios will be expensive and time consuming.

ForceApp, the military secure alternative to WhatsApp is the solution that can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the radios and with greater security than current unauthorized commercial solutions.


Federates 100% with other nations

Works on mobile and non-mobile devices

Securely log all chat, voice, video, image and file interactions

End-to-End secure information exchange

Cross-platform mobile application (iOS and Android)

Comprehensive user management system


ForceApp implements characteristics of Blockchain technology for extra security.

Latest news

Forceapp has expressed Interest for the H2020 ICT call

Topic Identifier: ICT 08-2019-Security and resilience for collaborative manufacturing environments


The Nr. 1 Military Secure WhatsApp


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Dr Nikos Bogonikolos

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Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos (PhD): Director and co-founder of ForceApp. Since 1987 he is the President, Managing Director and shareholder of business entities related to Information Technologies, Space Technologies, Education & Training, Environment, Homeland Security, Management Consulting and Business Development in many EU countries with +200 R&TD ICT projects.

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Peter van Dam

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Peter van Dam (BSc): Director and co-founder of ForceApp BV. Expert in International Business & Trade and Marketing & Sales Management in the fields of Consultancy and Safety & Homeland Security and downstream applications. He coordinates also the connected activities of the company with the Hague Security Delta, the largest security cluster in Europe.

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James White: Co-owner and Advisory Board member of ForceApp BV. Former US Navy helicopter pilot and aircraft commander. Flew 69 combat missions in the Northern Persian Gulf in support of Operation Desert Storm while assigned to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Forty-Five (HSL-45). Served as Division Officer for enlisted aircrew assigned to HSL-45 Detachment 7 during second Desert Storm deployment.

Senior scientist NC3A: Assigned to NC3A Intelligence Section. Led projects to integrate NATO intelligence systems with Command and Control (C2), operational planning, logistics, and national systems. Specific duties include: creating a vision and architecture for integrating Intel systems with external systems, acting as liaison with the customer (Allied Command Operations), leading the development effort, and delivery of functional prototypes.

Senior scientist NC3A: Assigned to NC3A Intelligence Section. Principal Scientist NATO C3 Agency & NCIAgency: Served as Liaison Officer between NC3A and the Agency's largest customer, the NATO military command structure headquartered at SHAPE in Mons, Belgium.

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Ron Aledo: Co-owner and Advisory Board member of ForceApp BV. Retired US Army officer, intelligence analyst (ctr) for the CIA and the DIA, director of the DHS Liaison Office to Mexico, and intelligence and operations officer for the Joint Staff, the Pentagon. In this capacity Ron served for more than a year as intelligence advisor to the Afghan National Police in Kabul. Ron also was an international business developer for L-3 Communications and currently is an intelligence consultant for ICS Intelligence, Barcelona, Spain.

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Daniel Counio

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Advisory Board member of ForceApp BV.
Aircraft pilot.
Communication & Marketing specialist for Fairs, Forums, Conferences
Communication & Marketing specialist for Fairs, Forums, Conferences
Expert in leading –edge seminars, collaborative competence with a competitive strategy along with business development opportunity in an International network and Networking event coordinator. With an International vision, he is an expert in Alliances and Partnership along with global innovation management.

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