The Nr. 1 Military Secure WhatsApp


  • Tactical radios from many European nations are not interoperable
  • Causes serious problems conducting coalition operations
  • Almost all military scenarios in Europe (NATO) today involve operating in coalitions
  • Mission readiness is severly hampered when our troops cannot communicate



The soldier pictured to the left is using his mobile phone. Is he simply checking the latest sports scores or is he using it to share sensitive military information with colleagues from other nations using WhatsApp because he cannot speak with them on his radio ?

As hard as it is to believe, in 2017 many of our troops are using WhatsApp to communicate with each other because their radios are not interoperable. Fixing the problem with the radios will be expensive and time consuming.

ForceApp, the military secure alternative to WhatsApp is the solution that can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the radios and with greater security than current unauthorized commercial solutions.


Federates 100% with other nations

Works on mobile and non-mobile devices

Securely log all chat, voice, video, image and file interactions

End-to-End secure information exchange

Cross-platform mobile application (iOS and Android)

Comprehensive user management system


ForceApp implements characteristics of Blockchain technology for extra security.

Latest news

Launch of our new product AMYNTOR  


ForceApp BV is pleased to announce the completion of AMYNTOR, its new product that upgrades corporate security of mobile devices. AMYNTOR is a security vault which creates an holistic ecosystem, ensuring the safe use of corporate mobile devices by their owners. Its purpose is to give security administrators a powerful and versatile tool to apply corporate security policies and prevent unauthorized use of corporate mobile devices. An official presentation of the product and its capabilities will take place in the coming days. Stay tuned.



Mr. Peter Tjia has joined from yesterday Forceapp BV as CEO and will be responsible for the company to continue to strive to deliver our customers the best high-end solutions and services using the latest developments in the area of secured IT communications.

Mr. Peter Tjia is an experienced Entrepreneur and Risk Security Expert and has over 30 years experience in sales, business development and management. He worked for a variety of national and international organizations in the private sector like KPN, Xerox, and Tyco and also has worked for the regional development agency Innovation Quarter as program manager Safety & Security where he organized, took the lead and further developed the safety & security sector in the province of South Holland and initiated many projects to make the region more (cyber) resilient.



The Nr. 1 Military Secure WhatsApp


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Dr Nikos Bogonikolos

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Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos (PhD): Director and co-founder of ForceApp. Since 1987 he is the President, Managing Director and shareholder of business entities related to Information Technologies, Space Technologies, Education & Training, Environment, Homeland Security, Management Consulting and Business Development in many EU countries with +200 R&TD ICT projects.

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Mr Peter Tjia

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Peter Tjia received his bachelor in Business Administration from Erasmus University. Then he focused his professional education to Law & Security studies and became a Risk Security Expert from DHM Security Institute and continued his further studies on Information & Security subject in the Institute for International Research. Since then he had the role of Business Development in several companies like XEROX, D&B, DFW etc. and he worked as Business Security Manager in ADT for Benelux, in TYCO and BCOM. Thereafter he was Senior Business Developer for Safety & Security at Innovation Quarter, West Holland, and since 2015 he is co-founder and Business Orchestration Officer for the Smart, Safe & Resilient Mainports multi-year program for South Holland province. Recently he became CEO of Aratos Systems BV.

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Ron Aledo: Co-owner and Advisory Board member of ForceApp BV. Retired US Army officer, intelligence analyst (ctr) for the CIA and the DIA, director of the DHS Liaison Office to Mexico, and intelligence and operations officer for the Joint Staff, the Pentagon. In this capacity Ron served for more than a year as intelligence advisor to the Afghan National Police in Kabul. Ron also was an international business developer for L-3 Communications and currently is an intelligence consultant for ICS Intelligence, Barcelona, Spain.

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Daniel Counio

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Advisory Board member of ForceApp BV.
Aircraft pilot.
Communication & Marketing specialist for Fairs, Forums, Conferences
Communication & Marketing specialist for Fairs, Forums, Conferences
Expert in leading –edge seminars, collaborative competence with a competitive strategy along with business development opportunity in an International network and Networking event coordinator. With an International vision, he is an expert in Alliances and Partnership along with global innovation management.

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